Texas Values Action released the 2017 Faith & Family Scorecard showing how state legislators performed in the 85th Texas Legislature on our core issues impacting religious freedom, marriage and family, life, and privacy, as well as other important pro-family reforms.

Dennis Paul was a recognized legislator that demonstrated a strong commitment to voting for and supporting our core issues.


Perfect score (A+) from AFP for promoting economic freedom!

Texas Values Action: Score of 94% – “Faith & Family Champion”

The 2015 Faith and Family Scorecard measures how state legislators performed on issues impacting faith and family values. Texas Values Action uses important legislative activity, including votes and bill authorship / co authorship / sponsorship, on issues impacting religious freedom, marriage & family, and life.


Texas Association of Business

Score of 94% -“Recognized as Champion for Free Enterprise”


Texas Conservative Coalition – “Courageous Conservatives”

A signer of TCC’s “2015 Pledge With Texans”, to pledge to secure the border, improve public education, reform and reduce taxes, advance fiscal responsibility, and advance economic freedom.

“I signed the Texas Conservative Coalition’s letter in support of Kate’s Law: Mandatory five year jail terms for previously deported individuals who return illegally to the United States.”


Texas Eagle Forum

85% – Top score of greater Houston Area, #18 on list


Houston Military Officers Association America (MOAA)

Houston Military Officers Association America (MOAA) chapter honors Representative Paul for the outstanding work accomplished in the 84th Legislative Session by making him an “Honorary Member”.


2015 Effective Conservative Lawmaker

Conservative Roundtable of Texas congratulates Representative Paul for his efforts and votes during the 84th Legislative Session to advance conservative solutions and ensure Texas remains a leader in job creation, economic growth and quality of life. 



National Rifle Association of America announces A rating and endorsement for the 2016 elections to Representative Dennis Paul. Paul has shown a strong record of support on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen in the Texas House.