Can I count on your support by June 30th?

Dear Friends,

If you’ve been following my legislative updates and recaps in the District 129 e-newsletter, then you already know what a successful legislative session we’ve had. I was fortunate to have 12 of the bills I filed or sponsored make it to the Governor’s desk, and had an additional two bills survive as amendments to other bills. In total, 14 of the ideas I contributed to passed the Legislature and have already been signed or awaiting the Governor’s signature. Some of the key items we successfully worked on were closing second amendment loopholes, further developing Houston’s Spaceport, tax reform, and increasing local government transparency, among many others.

Serving as your State Representative has truly been an honor, and one that I would like to continue. With your help, I was able to beat my democrat opponent in 2018, despite the blue wave that swept Harris County. I do not take the victory lightly, and am doing everything I can to prepare for the upcoming election, where the democrats will be working against us again.

Can I count on your support in this next election? If you could contribute $25, $50 or $100 today it would truly go along way. I have a fundraising deadline at midnight on June 30th, and want to show everyone just how united we are in District 129.

I have enjoyed representing you in Austin, and look forward to doing so again. Thank you for your support and friendship over the years, it means so much to my family and I.

Thank you and God Bless,


Dennis Paul
Republican State Representative HD 129

P.S. please consider contributing $25 by June 30th if you can!

Rep. Paul endorsed by TxBIZ PAC

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